To get your free phone, come in to our office for an apointment and have your hearing checked. If you have a hearing loss that qualifies, we will sign your paperwork and mail it to the state. They will send you a voucher for the phone in the mail. Bring this voucher in to the office and receive your phone.

Relay Texas – If you have questions or comments regarding Relay Texas please contact

Eileen Alter Relay Texas Administrator
Phone: 512-936-7132 or
Phone: 512-936-7147 (TTY)

To contact Relay Texas Account Manager Sprint Relay Customer Service: 800-676-3777

STAP – Voucher Recipients, if you have questions regarding the following:

  • Your initial application for a voucher
  • Your voucher
  • Obtaining a replacement voucher
  • Value of the voucher

Please contact the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) at:
Phone: 512-407-3250