Reliable Hearing Health Center in Dallas

    Whether you need hearing aids, need to undergo diagnostic testing, or looking for a hearing health center in Dallas, you can trust Trinity Hearing Healthcare. Our team of experienced and certified audiologists will help you achieve your hearing goals.

    Why Choose Trinity Hearing Healthcare?

    Trinity Hearing Healthcare has a team of top-notch audiologists. They are dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line audiology care at a price that fits your budget.

    We are trusted in Dallas that you can rely on expert advice and guidance. Their services include comprehensive hearing evaluations, diagnostic testing, amplification, and custom hearing aids. They also offer a free trial to test out their product offerings.

    Hector Kypuros, the owner of Trinity Hearing Healthcare, is a well-respected audiology practitioner who has served the DFW area for over 17 years. He is an audiology expert known for his dedication to his patients.

    Dr. Kypuros is licensed to practice in Texas. He advocates for his industry and has been a consultant to many healthcare companies.

    Trust the expert

    Dr. Hector Kypuros, the owner of Trinity Hearing Healthcare, is one of the most respected audiologists in Dallas. His specialties include diagnosing hearing loss and providing audiology services to patients. He also dispenses hearing aids and offers hearing rehabilitation training.

    Get a wide range of services

    In addition to offering a full range of medical and surgical services, the clinic also offers a wide selection of hearing aids from top-quality brands. Our staff will work with you to select the suitable hearing device for your unique needs, and we will provide ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your new appliances.

    Experience professional care

    Our team is highly skilled professionals committed to providing the highest level of care for your hearing. As a result, our hearing health center clinic has received several awards and recognitions from the community for our outstanding patient care and dedication to excellence.

    The administrative staff at our Dallas location is responsible for ensuring that we maintain the best possible levels of customer service and satisfaction with each patient. They are a great asset to our team, as they can answer questions about your insurance plan and provide valuable information about our services. Call us to schedule your appointment.